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MySpace goes for OpenID

Simon Wilson points out that MySpace is announcing OpenID support. Reading these posts one could easily come to the conclusion that there are now 500 million people using OpenId, as opposed to a much smaller number of technology adopters.

I wonder. Has anyone made an attempt to estimate the number of people using OpenID? I would be very curious to see the estimates.

Although definitely a win for OpenID, it still doesn’t help where the shortfall really is, and that is in meaningful OpenID enabled relying parties. It’s telling to note that MySpace is not (unless I missed it) promising to let users log in to MySpace using OpenID.

You can’t build a highway with nothing but on ramps.

When Open Source Software Makes a Political Statement

An interesting case of an OS drop down widget that made a very political statement. And not one that the web site operator shared (from Instapundit). The social networking angle in this story is also fascinating.

Fear of the Web (2.0)

There is this interesting article about the growing security problems with social sites such as Facebook and MySpace. I predict that this will result in these sites getting added to companies blocked list.

 That won’t help of course. There are too many users that VPN into corporate intranets. They will simply browse these sites when traveling or at home, and then VPN into their corporate intranet, bringing the nasty things they picked up with them.

Haven’t we been here aready?