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Gold Medal Hypocrisy

Andrew Bolt awards a Gold Medal in hypocrisy to the United Nations, despite stiff competition from other global warming alarmist (hat tip to JunkScience.com):

What is it with global warming prophets and jets? And luxury? And tropical islands?

I ask because what Flannery is doing on his luxurious lonesome, entire jet-loads of global warming activists are about to do in a gluttonous mass-orgy – the most spectacular demonstration of warming hypocrisy yet seen.

The gold medal performance.

I’m talking about the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference 2007, to be held next month at Bali’s luxury tourism precinct of Nusa Dua.

How wonderful it will be there in balmy Bali – with its beaches, its shopping, its tennis courts, its golf courses, its balmy weather, its five-star service and its high-minded chatter about how to make people back home go without for the sake of the planet.

No wonder the conference has been extended to last a leisurely fortnight.

Even better for UN staff, they may travel to Bali in business class, where no doubt they’ll bump into many other delegates off for a little pre-Christmas conference cheer, courtesy, in most cases, of taxpayers.

Now guess how many people are jetting to this Balinese paradise to demand we cut our emissions?

Let me quote a newspaper report in which Indonesian Environment Minister Rachmat Witoelar gives the startling numbers: “He said 189 countries to be represented by some 10,000 delegates and 2500 foreign journalists had officially registered to take part.”

That’s right, 12,500.

To fly to a conference that will cost more than $70 million to stage.

I can hear the oinking from here. This gathering of jet-set hypocrites is guaranteed not to cut emissions, but increase them, Al Gore-style.

In fact, I’ve worked it out on the Climate Care emissions calculator: just flying all those people to the conference and back will send around 30,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the air.

That’s more than the greenhouse gases that 7000 family cars typically emit in an entire year.

Remember: You can’t save the world until your ready to make other people sacrifice!


Global Warming Alarmism and Hypocrisy

The Today Show is going to try to raise awareness of what they see as human induced global warming by releasing an extra 25 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The sad part is that this level of cluelessness doesn’t even surprise me.