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Screwing around

Last year I posted this comparing different types of screws. Paul Madsen chimed in expressing his geographical preference for the Robertson (square drive) screw. While I could pontificate at length about the inherent advantages of a hexagonal drive technology used in Allen head screws versus the equilateral rectilinear drive technology used in Robertson screws, it would be counter-productive.  Clearly the industry is hopelessly fractured by multiple redundant screw standards. This is not only inhibiting the transition from Screw 1.0 technologies (such as Phillips) to Screw 2.0 technologies (such as Robertson and Allen), it is also preventing the development of Screw 3.0 (also known as the Semantic Screw).

Well we all know what is needed in a case like this, a new standard to integrate the different Screw technologies. Thus I am drafting a proposal to the Proposing Organization for New Devices (POND) a new Tool Committee (TC) to study this. The new standard will be named the Work Shop Screw Interoperability Technology (WS-ScrewIT). I humbly submit Paul and myself as Co-chairs.

I know you should never jump to the solution before the requirements are well known, but I couldn’t help working on this. I even have a prototype of the technology. It looks something like this: