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The permanently gloved overlords of Britannia

The magnificent bastards of NO2ID have struck again. From the Guido Fawkes blog (hat tip to

Jacqui Smith gave a speech today at midday on ID cards to an audience invited by the Social Market Foundation, at the end of the event the glass she was drinking from during the Q & A was whisked away* by a NO2ID sympathiser. This picture was taken this lunchtime – the glass is now undergoing a technical process at an undisclosed location. This will not only identify Big Jacqui’s fingerprints, it will allow them to create a plastic foil stamp that will enable anyone to leave her fingerprints behind. Last March German hackers cloned the German Interior Minister’s fingerprints.

The picture is priceless.

BTW, I mentioned the previous incident here.

As the UK rushes headlong into the Orwellian abyss, I see a future where everyone of importance wears special gloves with a built in flap that can be pulled aside for authentication purposes. These gloves would be worn at all times to prevent inadvertent biometric information leakage.


I suspect this has been done up in some dystopian sci-fi story. If not it should be.

An Odyssey Completed

Arthur C. Clarke has passed away in Sri Lanka. The last of the three titans of science fiction has slipped the surly bounds of this earth.

Bruce Webster has a great explanation of why Clarke, Asimov, and Heinlein stand apart.