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A cold and lonely future

Faces Japan if they continue on their current path. There is this article about how the Japanese are planning for robots to fill the gaps caused tomorrow by there not being enough children today.


I, like all engineers, think robots are really cool. But this chills me:


Japan could save 2.1 trillion yen ($21 billion) of elderly insurance payments in 2025 by using robots that monitor the health of older people, so they don’t have to rely on human nursing care, the foundation said in its report.


Caregivers would save more than an hour a day if robots helped look after children, older people and did some housework, it added. Robotic duties could include reading books out loud or helping bathe the elderly.


Could that really be the plan? What a cold and lonely future.


I’m not sure what drives a society to stop having children, or at least limit themselves to one per couple. Certainly Europe is trending that direction. And China has enforced that on its people at the point of a gun. But simple mathematics tells you that at one child per couple you are halving your population every generation. You society will, before long, vanish. And long before that you will discover that there are not enough young people to properly take care of the elderly.


Robots belong in factories, not care centers.