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Did you get DC source code for Christmas?

Just in time for Christmas Samba 4.0 was released. This big news here is Samba 4.0 adds Active Directory Domain Controller emulation, including Kerberos, LDAP, DNS, and a bunch of other services.

While this is an impressive technical achievement, I don’t really see many enterprises adopting it. Samba 4 is fighting against one of the biggest IT pressures, headcount reduction. Most enterprises are now willing to pay more for the license cost of the software if it saves them administrative man hour costs.

So unless Samba 4 is going to be easier to install and maintain than Windows servers, it’s not really going to have an impact. Who knows, maybe it will be that easy. If you have Samba 4 in production drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

Meanwhile, Jackson Shaw is … unimpressed.

How much for that LDAP server in the Window?

Jackson Shaw window shops the Red Hat Directory Server and doesn’t like what he sees:

Would I pay for an LDAP directory server today? No, I wouldn’t. I’d either go with OpenLDAP, ADAM or deploy an actual Active Directory domain controller (not free, but at ~$800 or less for unlimited users…) because I’ve talked to customers that have deployed >million user directories with each of those choices, they have vibrant user communities, are supported (vendor or community) and are technically sufficient for almost every purpose. I think if I was a small business with 500-2000 users I’d be looking at using a free solution, too – $10/user is just too much for a piece of history.

I agree with Jackson, but I can see one segment that would pay for this. If you had a Linux only infrastructure but wanted to have a vendor supported LDAP server then I suppose you would be willing to pay for it. But I really can’t see this as a robust market to build and maintain a product for.

I remember talking to an IT group that maintained a ~200K entry commercial LDAP server back ending a customer portal. They were going through a painful and time consuming data scrubbing exercise because they only had a 200K license and had been told they couldn’t buy more. I suggested moving to OpenLDAP or ADAM but they wouldn’t even consider it. Go figure.

A Night of the Living Dead remake we really don’t need

Like the undead in a bad zombie movie SCO is apparently clawing its way out of its well deserved grave. It’s hard to believe that anyone would plow more money into this, but apparently they think that they can extort jackpot payments out of someone. The real howler from the announcement is this:


SNCP’s efforts will also include new product lines, SCO said. The company’s statement did not provide additional detail on either parts of the plan.




As Corporal Nobbs is fond of saying, “Pull the other one. Its got bells on it.”

SCO vs Linux, the Comic Strip Version

If you enjoyed watching SCO crash and burn, and enjoy web comics, you love the take which starts here. BTW, the fellow with tenticles is Cthulhu.

SCO Lawsuit Bombshell

I’m not sure why this hasn’t received more press, but a judge has ruled that SCO doesn’t actually own the rights to Unix that it has based it’s lawsuits on. From :

But in the ruling Friday, Kimball said that “the court concludes that Novell is the owner of the Unix and UnixWare copyrights.”

Kimball added that Novell may now direct SCO Group to “waive its claims against IBM.”

The tech community has been telling SCO to go to heck since they filed the lawsuit. Novell can apparently now legally direct them there.

I’m sure SCO will appeal, but they are just postponing the inevitable. 

Here is the reaction from the Between the Lines Blog. And GrokLaw thinks SCO may wind up having to pay Novell the license fees it extracted from Microsoft and Sun. This User Friendly cartoon sums it up nicely as well.

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