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Dude, where’s my scan?

Apparently the CLEAR program is defunct. As with any identity effort this raises the question about what happens to the data, especially biometric data, if the service provider goes out of business.

Kevin Kampman wants to know what happens to his data:

I am not surprised by CLEAR’s failure, but it raises other serious questions: Who gets custody of the background data that’s been collected over the life of the program? Will that data be archived or destroyed? Will another company or agency take over? (CLEAR’s privacy policy doesn’t seem to directly address the issue of what a successor entity can and can’t do with the data that’s been collected). Finally, what are TSA’s plans for this contingency?  The TSA website currently doesn’t say anything about CLEAR’s termination.

Jackson Shaw wants to know what happened to his scans:

Now my question is: What happens to those digital fingerprints and retinal scans they took? Checking their privacy policy reveals this interesting tidbit:

…a copy of your biometric information (but not your name) is retained by the Transportation Security Clearinghouse to prevent fraudulent enrollments under alternate identities.

So, the TSA has my biometric information but not my name in order to prevent fraudulent enrollments under alternate identities? Hmmm, does that mean that the TSA has my biometric information but not my name but does have my social security number? Otherwise, how would they prevent fraudulent enrollments?

Yet one more reason not to use biometric authentication.