SPML 3.0 in 3D!!!

OK I kid about the 3D, but I am starting to hear from various identity folks that it’s time to start thinking about SPML 3.0. The latest is John Fontana’s post on that here.

While I don’t think that there are any technical reasons SPML 2.0 can’t be used for interoperable provisioning, the market has clearly not embraced it yet. There are some SPML enabled products out there, but not nearly enough to reach the critical mass that is needed.

So would an SPML 3.0 effort succeed where SPML 2.0 has so far not succeeded? I honestly can’t say, but I feel it’s worth giving it a go. The industry really needs this. My employers products need it.

6 responses to “SPML 3.0 in 3D!!!

  1. Do you have any thoughts on why the market hasn’t adopted SPML?

  2. Yes, I do. Enterprises in general won’t make SPML support a selection criteria. You sometimes see it in an RFP, but the customers aren’t serious about it.

    Thus software vendors, who don’t want to spend engineering hours on “nice to have” features ignore it.

    Those enterprises that do provisioning (a minority) either do it via customer processes or via an IdM platform.

    • i think the enterprises do not insist on SPML because their exiting provision system doesn’t talk SPML anyways…….

  3. Jeff does that mean we can count on your participation I hope??

  4. Absolutely! Count me in.

    Unfortunately my employer is not currently a member of OASIS. If the work happens in OASIS then I may not be able to contribute via formal channels.

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