Thin red line

This is a rather disturbing story about how police in Idaho are increasingly using forced blood sampling in drunk driving incidents. While the goals are laudable, reducing drunk driving, the violation of personal privacy should be unacceptable to our society.

Apparently the Idaho supreme court has approved of the policy, indicating that they need to go back to remedial law school and brush up on “unreasonable search”.


One response to “Thin red line

  1. Hi Jeff,
    Love your stuff. I read this story too and at first was shocked by the police department’s agressiveness and intrusiveness too. What really got me was these police officers are going to be sticking a needle in your arm on the side of a dark highway. Are these guys even trained for this sort of thing? I doubt it!

    I do think it’s an interesting point though – how can cops and soceity at large be sure to get drunk drivers off the road. What’s wrong with the breathalyzer, isn’t that good enough?


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