Orcs in space, with one time passwords

My oldest son recently attended a games design summer camp (for 5-6 graders) and one of their tasks was to design a StarCraft level. As a result he become quite addicted to StarCraft as did my middle son. It’s very interesting watching your children take to a computer game that is older than they are.

So I was looking around the Blizzard site trying to find out when StarCraft 2 is going to be released, and I came across this, a one-time-password authentication token for securing your on-line game account for the various Blizzard games. It doesn’t explicitly say it, but I am guessing it’s SecureID, although there is the possibility it is an OATH based system.

I am sure that only a small percentage of gamers use it, but I was pretty impressed. Many financial sites still don’t offer OTP protection, but you can get it for your on-line gaming account.

It’s all a matter of consumer priorities, I guess.


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