Is Google the new Halliburton

One of the creepier aspects of the previous administration was the perceived influence of companies such as Halliburton. Is Google the Halliburton of this administration? Is it a company that is perceived to have undue influence in how the government conducts business?

That feeling comes across in this article about the government reconsidering it’s use of cookies:

Some privacy groups say the proposal amounts to a “massive” and unexplained shift in government policy. In a statement Monday, American Civil Liberties Union spokesman Michael Macleod-Ball said the move could “allow the mass collection of personal information of every user of a federal government website.”

Personally I have never liked the broad banning of cookies on government site. It seems to reduce the usability of web sites for little gain in privacy. Especially now that most recent browsers have a “porn mode” there doesn’t seem much need to maintain the ban.

But there is a perception that Google is driving this change. That is not a good thing.


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