Those darn kids

Bruce Schneier dismisses North Korean government involvement in the recent DDOS incident, as well as some others in the past:

It was hyped as the first cyberwar, but after two years there is still no evidence that the Russian government was involved. Though Russian hackers were indisputably the major instigators of the attack, the only individuals positively identified have been young ethnic Russians living inside Estonia, who were angry over the statue incident.

Poke at any of these international incidents, and what you find are kids playing politics. Last Wednesday, South Korea’s National Intelligence Service admitted that it didn’t actually know that North Korea was behind the attacks: “North Korea or North Korean sympathizers in the South” was what it said. Once again, it’ll be kids playing politics.

Oh those darn kids.

I would point out that absence of evidence is not the same as evidence of absence. True, there is no smoking gun linking the Nork military to the recent attacks, but it certainly would not be inconsistent with the recent spate of insane saber rattling by them either.

I also find it curious that Mr. Schneier does not mention the cyber-attacks against the Republic of Georgia that happened in exact timing with the military invasion by the Russians. Boy those darn kids seem to be Johnny-on-the-spot when it comes to backing the actions of dictatorial regimes.


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