No problem too small

I’m sure most of you have heard about the fatal monorail accident at Disney World. While tragic for the driver and his family, it’s reassuring to know that it was the first fatal accident in nearly forty years of continuous operations. For a system that moves tens of thousands of people every day that is a remarkable safety accomplishment.

But not remarkably enough for the Feds:

The National Transportation Safety Board has joined the investigation into the fatal monorail crash at Disney World, the agency said late Monday.

Federal law requires the NTSB to investigate every aviation accident but only “significant” accidents in other modes of transportation, according to its Web site. This is the first time the agency has investigated an accident that took place on private property and involved a private transportation system.

I sure that the NTSB guys surely know better how to safely run a monorail than the company the invented, built, and has been running a system longer than anyone else in the world.

After all, no problem is too small for federal intervention.


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