ABC News and journalistic ethics

Apparently ABC news is going to produce what can only be described as an infomercial for the administration’s push on nationalized health care:

ABC News will host an hour-long special on health care reform in the U.S. next Wednesday from the White House East Room — a move that ABC is defending but critics are calling a surrender to the Obama administration’s effort to control the debate.

The prime time special — called “Questions for the President: Prescription for America” by ABC News — will be a nationally televised event during which President Obama will answer questions presented by audience members selected by ABC News.

Participants will present a broad range of  “divergent opinions in this historic debate,” according to the press release announcing the event. Viewers will also be able to submit questions via

I won’t be watching this dog and pony show, but I predict one question won’t quite make the cut:

If we can really achieve cost savings with your plan, why can’t we achieve those cost savings now with Medicare? I mean what’s wrong with doing a proof-of-concept before we change health care for everyone?

It’s sad to see a major news organization flush its journalistic ethics like this.

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