IP logs? What IP logs?

Now here is an interesting trend in Sweden, ISPs expunging IP Logs so they can’t be turned over to the government. From ARS Technica:

Another Swedish ISP has decided not to retain customer IP records in an attempt to protect user anonymity. Tele2 announced this week that it plans to start deleting all IP records after they had been used internally-a move that is still legal under Swedish law, but is beginning to irk law enforcement.

Tele2 is the second major ISP to announce such a plan this month. The first was Bahnhof, which said earlier this month that it refused to keep any log files to hand over to authorities. Both ISPs are reacting to IPRED, the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive. The Swedish incarnation of this European directive went into effect on April 1, and it allows courts to force ISPs to turn over user data in cases of suspected copyright infringement. Because of this loss of anonymity, Internet traffic in Sweden saw an immediate drop.

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