Open source IdM connector project

Sun (or should I say Oracle now) now has an open source effort for Sun Identity Manager connectors (hat tip to Daniel Raskin). There is even an SPML 2.0 connector listed which is great to see.

This is another shot at the Holy Grail of enterprise management software, getting out of the connector business. It doesn’t matter if you are doing identity management, network management, configuration management, or security management, or systems management, satisfying a never ending customer demand of connectivity to a myriad of systems is a back breaking pain (and expense).

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. There are a lot of Sun IdM enthusiast out there, and many of them are capable of writing connectors. The success of this effort will depend on how many of them are willing to participate in OS projects and more importantly can get their companies buy-in to contribute source code.


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