An interesting OpenID Provider

There is an interesting new OpenID provider called The stated goal is to provide a verified OpenID: trying to answer a simple question, how can we provide our users a digital ID that have been certified with the same level of trust as if we met in real life with a valid ID delivered by a governement administration but without the need to actually meet in real life?

By certifying your ID you’ll be able to certify all of your online presence, such as your blogs, your Facebook, LinkedIn profiles…, your comments,… and any kind of online presence that is part of your Identity 2.0.

They validate who you are by billing you a small amount via credit card and then sending you a code via postal mail. You have to wait until to get the code to use the OpenID.

What I find most interesting about this service is that they are not trying (at least at this point) to solve the age verification issue. That’s a good idea in my opinion as I feel that the age verification issue is one of the most oversold issues in the identity space.

There is also a good ARS Technica article on here.


4 responses to “An interesting OpenID Provider

  1. if only PAPE would allow to (directly) brag about its verification mechanisms


  2. When OpenID RPs decide they care about how the IP validates the person behind the ID, I believe they will move to a white-list approach.

  3. Hmm… maybe potential RPs are still waiting for that to happen before becoming OID RP?

  4. Perhaps. Discerning the cart from the horse is a bit tricky with emerging technologies. It is usually quite clear in retrospect, however.

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