Nitpicking iconography

The stimulus package apparently has a new web site and logo. I hate to nitpick, but a few things bother me about this logo:


First, the gears; they don’t mesh. As an engineer this is visually unappealing.

Second the plant. If the plant looks vaguely familiar, look at this picture:


As any hiker should know, that is Toxicodendron Radicans, or more simply Poison Ivy. Remember the rule: leaflets of three, let it be.

And finally the top half is labeled, and has lots of stars. In other words, stars in recovery. As in rehab.

Can I stop being stimulated yet?


One response to “Nitpicking iconography

  1. the blue, red and green kinda reminds me of a 1970’s logo, pictures ERA or something along those lines. Hippies with bell bottoms and big mustaches!

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