Being Minkowed

This is fascinating. Here is an interesting way for an aspect of your identity to be your undoing:

One of the most embarrassing ways for a key executive to be removed from office is to be Minkowed.

Getting Minkowed begins when you learn that a guy named Barry Minkow has just shorted your stock, betting that information he has just uncovered can make it go down.

Then you learn that Minkow has discovered those lies that you put on your resume.

Sure, you did it many years ago, just to get hired. But you’ve had to maintain these mischaracterizations ever since, just to remain employed.

Now, your board has to face investors who are asking “Gee, if there’s lie on the resume, are there lies on the books, too?”

Your immediate removal is the only good answer to this question.

You’ve just been Minkowed.

It’s hard for me to feel much sympathy for the executives that get “Minkowed”. Of all the things you can try to get away with, claiming degrees you didn’t earn has got to be one of the stupidest. It’s so easy to get caught one wonders why anyone would try it. I also don’t feel sorry for the companies that get shorted for doing such poor due diligence on prospective executive hires.

If companies were smart they would get ahead of this and do that due diligence now. Any executive found wanting could be given a quiet exit “to spend more time with his family”.


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