SPML gateways move forwards

Mark Diodati points out this interesting open source SPML gateway. There is an accompanying blog by Jerry Waldorf of Sun that has a lot of background on the project and presents some interesting concepts of things that you could do with an SPML gateway.

This is exactly the kinds of stuff I had hoped to see happen when I started working on SPML. Working at Access360 it was frustrating to see so much time and effort spent writing connectors to all the disparate systems that needed to be provisioned. If only project keychain had existed back then.

Great stuff if you are interested in provisioning.

4 responses to “SPML gateways move forwards

  1. Come on Jeff – if we didn’t spend all the time, effort, and money on building connectors we’de never know how excrutiating it was it do so. 😉

  2. Good point Ian. Let those of us who have worked in a “Connector Factory” serve as a shining beacon to others of how not to do it. At least not to do it if you have a choice.

    As I always say; experience is not the best teacher, just the most painful one. Other people’s experience is the best teacher if you are willing to listen.

  3. “… allowing anyone to provide an SPMLv2 compliant interface to their …”

    If we build it they will come. Riiiight. This isn’t a connector, this is a Services SOW to build a connector. Plus, when customers want some new feature not provided in the current integration, you have the joy of getting two vendors to agree and collaborate.

    A standards based interface like SPML is a good good concept, no question, but there’s no silver in that bullet. I think we stuck with those excruciating APIs for a while longer. 🙂

  4. If the only tool you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail. Unfortunately, not all managed resources have an LDAP and a Java API.

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