One more for the deprovisioning files

I have heard several analysts recently say that the current business climate makes IdM (or at least provisioning and access control) more important than ever. It would be easy to dismiss this as wishful think until you read something like this:

A former Fannie Mae IT contractor has been indicted for planting a virus that would have nuked the mortgage agency’s computers, caused millions of dollars in damages and even shut down operations. How’d this happen? The contractor was terminated, but his server privileges were not.

That not to say there aren’t disgruntled employees during a normal business cycle. But the more people that are being laid off, the greater the risk.

How many organizations really have a handle on properly turning off the access for all the people they are laying off (especially those in IT)? Of  course if the IdM systems are not out in place during an up business climate it’s going to be much harder to put it in place in a down one.


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