If only, if only

I like skeptics. I like to consider myself one. I also thoroughly enjoy reading the IT Skeptic. But this borders on pure fantasy:

Then there is the question of the pace at which this beast is moving. Although the document referenced here is dated October 2008 the changelog ends in January 2008, and it is certainly the only output we have seen this year other than one(?) multi-vendor demo. There are zero commitments from DMTF or from the vendors for any sort of timeline for delivery of anything. As I have pointed out in the past,

“WARNING: vendors will waive this white paper around to overcome buyer resistance to a mixed-vendor solution. For example if you already have availablity monitoring from one of them, one of the other vendors will try to sell you their service desk and use this paper as a promise that the two will play nicely. “

All I could think of when I read this was “If only”. If only the vendors cared enough about interoperability standards to make it a selling point. Then you might eventually get real interoperability, even if it started as vaporware.

But the reality is the front line sales guys usually don’t know or care about standards, past checking boxes in an RFC. William Vambenepe sum’s it up nicely in this rebuttal:

Has anyone actually seen this happen? I am asking because so far, both at HP and Oracle, the only sales reps I have ever met who know of CMDBf heard about it from their customers. When asked about it, the sales person (or solutions engineer) sends a email to some internal mailing list asking “customer asking about something called cmdbf, do we do that?” and that’s how I get in touch with them. Not the other way around.

Also, if the objective really was to trick customers into “mixed-vendor solutions” then I also don’t really understand why vendors would go through the effort of collaborating on such a scheme since it’s a zero-sum game between them at the end.

I don’t mean this to be critical of the sales guys. They care (as they should) about the requirements the customers care about. Until the customers start making support for interoperability standards like CMDBf (in the ITSM space) and SPML (in the IdM space), these standards will never get robust implementation. And the customer will continue to get stuck with siloed solutions.


One response to “If only, if only

  1. I’m not saying every salesman in town will be pushing CMDBf as a product feature. But for any sale into a heterogenous environment, the question of integration/federation often comes up from the geeks and this will be used to hose it down. If you get this question use this answer.

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