Seasons of Change

2008 has been a year of change for me, both good and bad. In Feb I was laid off by BMC and hired by SunView Software. In the process I ended 10 years of working in Identity Management and started my career in Change Management.

We took a family trip to northern CA to see my nephew graduate from high school. After that both families vacationed together at Lake Tahoe.

I took over as the Pack Leader for the Cub Scout Pack our boys participate in. My youngest son joined Cub Scouts and my oldest son crossed over into Boy Scouts.

We got a puppy, a now 5 month old Chocolate Lab named Moose. Yes, I did indeed name my dog Chocolate Moose. I simply couldn’t resist.

The weekend after Thanksgiving my father got re-married at the age of 76, demonstrating that there is always room in our lives for new beginnings.  

The weekend after Christmas my father-in-law passed away. Although we end 2008 on a sad note, we are Lutherans, so for us this is a new beginning for him as well.

As we enter 2009 I am hoping for a little less change in my life.

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