The permanently gloved overlords of Britannia

The magnificent bastards of NO2ID have struck again. From the Guido Fawkes blog (hat tip to

Jacqui Smith gave a speech today at midday on ID cards to an audience invited by the Social Market Foundation, at the end of the event the glass she was drinking from during the Q & A was whisked away* by a NO2ID sympathiser. This picture was taken this lunchtime – the glass is now undergoing a technical process at an undisclosed location. This will not only identify Big Jacqui’s fingerprints, it will allow them to create a plastic foil stamp that will enable anyone to leave her fingerprints behind. Last March German hackers cloned the German Interior Minister’s fingerprints.

The picture is priceless.

BTW, I mentioned the previous incident here.

As the UK rushes headlong into the Orwellian abyss, I see a future where everyone of importance wears special gloves with a built in flap that can be pulled aside for authentication purposes. These gloves would be worn at all times to prevent inadvertent biometric information leakage.


I suspect this has been done up in some dystopian sci-fi story. If not it should be.


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