The joke I wanted to tell

Paul Madsen and I have been having a bit of fun linking various identity and religious concepts (you can pick up the trail here).

I do have a confession to make. There was one joke I wanted to tell, but didn’t. Frankly, I chickened out. That joke had the words “Scientology” and “Phishing” in it. I didn’t tell that joke for two reasons. First, I live in Tampa. Second, there are some organizations you just don’t taunt if you know what’s good for you.


One response to “The joke I wanted to tell

  1. Jeff, I live in Canada and so do not fear John Travolta or Tom Cruise throwing tomatoes at my house in the middle of the night. They only visit Canada when filming a movie so I expect they’ll be too busy.

    Please send the joke to me privately for me to post


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