Indictment in the Palin email case

There has a federal grand jury indictment in the Palin email case (hat tip to Instapundit). This should prove quite entertaining as it unfolds. It should also serve as an object lesson, but not the one most people think.

This case is really not about bad security, it’s about inappropriate usage. The Yahoo account resetting mechanism is perfectly safe for use by an unimportant person such as myself, so long as Yahoo is not used as the OpenID provider for any valuable RP.

There is simply no incentive for someone to go through the effort of reseting my Yahoo password, except for just plain meaness. But for a figure as controversial (or popular) as Sarah Palin, there is quite a lot of incentive. 

By the way, none of that is intended to excuse whoever hacked the account. Breaking in is still breaking in, even if I have a flimsy lock on my door.

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