Don’t poke the bees

Developers are like bees. If you nurture them and care for them they will work incredibly hard for you. If you poke the hive or get them riled up you are in for a world of pain. At the end of the day if you blow a little smoke at them you can steal all the honey (kidding, kidding).

Apple hasn’t learned the bee nurturing lesson yet. They are busy poking the hives of the legions of want-to-be iPhone developers. It’s gotten so bad that they are now telling independent developers that even their rejection letters are covered by NDA (from ARS Technica):

And the situation only seems to be getting worse. Although the details aren’t clear, it appears Apple is now telling developers that the information included in their app rejection letters is covered under NDA. When Apple’s own words became controversial, instead of clearing the air it chose to try and force developers to keep quiet.


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