Oh really?

I love headlines. I have how they so often veer from the basic facts of the article they purport to summarize. The are wonderful flights of fancy. For instance on Yahoo news there was this breathless headline:

Chrome Will Enhance SOA in the Enterprise

Oh really? “Will” you say? No qualifiers, no doubts? Of course the article itself was much more circumspect than that:

Google Chrome may be the fastest browser around, but it may actually prove to be even more important to the enterprise for its ability to interact with service-oriented architectures (SOA).

At least, that’s the way a number of SOA pundits see it.

Here is how I see it. The Archie and Jughead Browser will not be a factor in the enterprise for several years, if it all. There are two reasons for this, infrastructure and testing.

Deploying enterprise apps that leverage whatever nice features Chrome has requires that the it be deployed to each desktop. Over time there will also be the requirement to make sure everyone is on the correct version of Chrome. Eventually you will have a situation where two different enterprise web applications would only officially support different versions of Chrome.

Wasn’t this avoiding this pain one of the reasons we moved to web apps to begin with?

So what about enterprise web applications that will support IE, Firefox, and Chrome? That may eventually happen, but it won’t be for a long time, because of testing. What vendor, or in-house dev team, wants to add another column to their test matrix? They will do it, but only when Chrome support becomes a selection criteria.

None of this means Chrome won’t be a huge hit among consumers for home use. I hope it does because it makes things more interesting.

But in the enterprise? Don’t hold your breath.


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