How to lose 25,000 customers

There is an old joke in software:

If it wasn’t for those pesky customers, this job would be easy!

Now the UK entertainment industry plans to make that joke a reality by planning to sue 25,000 alleged file sharers:

A government-backed deal was struck last month between Britain’s six biggest Internet service providers and the entertainment industry under which file-sharers would be sent warning letters.

Taking direct action against file-sharers will become an “important and effective” weapon to tackle online piracy, Gore added.

The number of people prosecuted by Davenport Lyons for sharing games could reach 25,000, according to a report in the Times on Wednesday. They would be offered the chance to pay 300 pounds each to settle out of court, the report added.

The first 500 who ignored the letters would face immediate legal action brought on behalf of five games developers, including Atari, Techland and Codemasters, it said.

They must be inspired by how well this strategy is working in the US. Which is to say, not very well at all.

Anytime your business strategy depends on suing your customers in mass, your business is not long for this world. I would suggest they invest that 300 pounds/customer wisely. It may have to last for a while.


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