Good Intentions

They say bad situations lead to bad laws. They also say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Both are on display in CA where the legislator is poised to approve legislation that will authorize schools to punish “cyberbullies”:

If enacted, the California legislation would give power to school officials to take action over acts of cyberbullying that they believe end up going too far. Under current law, schools only have power over bullying acts that happen on school grounds, which means that schools can’t do anything about what many consider to be a growing and serious problem.

 So CA will give schools authority to punish students for actions that by definition do not involve physical contact, do not disturb the educational process (such that it is in CA), and occur outside of the school. And as night follows day you can be assured the definition of cyberbullying will be interpreted to include any criticism of the school administration.

Yet one more reason to home school.


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