Messin’ with Mensa

Who doesn’t like making fun of Mensa? My brother is in Mensa and even he likes doing it on occasion. Jeff Atwood likes to ridicule the security practices on the Mensa America website. Really, who could resist it?

Do you have a coworker in Mensa? Then try this, fire up you favorite packet sniffer and then put his web mail address at this web page. Then…

Legal Disclaimer: this blog does not condone or encourage hacking of any sort. Nor does it encourage posting poorly worded scatological comments to the Mensa web site while logged in using a stolen password.

One response to “Messin’ with Mensa

  1. paulneedzafriend

    Right on brother. Making fun of Mensa is so much fun. Nothing worse than a bunch of “know-nothing know-it-alls” sitting around wasting their brains solving cryptograms and crosswords instead of actually putting their brains to use.
    You should check out my latest blog entry for a good laugh and some insight into all 4 sides of intelligence.

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