WALL-E let me down

First, let me say I am big Disney and Pixar fan. Also, like most computer geeks, I love science fiction. So I was looking forward to WALL-E with great anticipation. Perhaps too much so. Even Pixar can’t be expected to hit a home run every time.

Still, what a disappointment. Even my wife and kids didn’t like it, and they are bigger Disney and Pixar fans than I am.

The graphics and visuals are stunning. With each movie Pixar raises the bar as to what can be done with computer graphics and they did so again. But the bleak dystopian vision of the future is quite depressing.

Minor spoilers below:

The plot, minimal that it is, is basically:

  • 1) Generic Walmart like corporate takes over the world and pollutes it to the point that it is no longer inhabitable
  • 2) Over the next 700 years humans (having taken refuge in space) become fat, stupid, hover-chair bound blobs dependent on robots
  • 3) Through the heroics to two pluck robots they find their way back to earth are inspired to repopulate it

That Disney of all companies would make a movie with an anti-commercialism message is hypocrisy of heroic proportions. If you can manage it, skip the theater and buy the DVD at Walmart (irony intentional).

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