Interesting times in InfoCard land

Burton Catalyst is going on this week and as usual there are more identity happenings that a poor blogger like me can keep up with. Unfortunately I am not attending this year which makes it even harder to keep up (this first one I have missed in a while).

One big news item was the announcement of the Information Card Foundation. You can read about it here, here, here, here, and here.

Another big item was the announcement about Microsoft HealthVault supporting not only Information Card authentication, but OpenID authentication as well. The decision to limit HealthVault OpenID authentication to a white list of just two providers has some (like Paul Madsen) hot under the collar.

Interesting times.

2 responses to “Interesting times in InfoCard land

  1. If you want to start controversy how about suggesting that there is foundation overload? How about discussing in the next blog entry that the IT industry as a whole needs to stop creating separate groups? How about “suggesting” that this could have been part of OASIS, OWASP or some other existing group…

  2. I’m not really interesting in starting a controversy. Of course there are too many stadards and standards bodies. But deciding which ones to keep is a subject that would be very difficult to reach a consensus on.

    Further, it’s a battle I am not interested in fighting.

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