Throwing the red hat into the ring

RedHat has joined the list of OS vendors that feel that Identity Management is a key offering. They have acquired Identyx, a provider of open source IdM products. This fits nicely with their existing directory server product (which Jackson Shaw and I commented on earlier, here and here).

So now the list of OS Vendors with directory servers and IdM products looks like:

Microsoft -AD, ADAM, ILM, ADFS

Sun – Sun DS, Identity Manager, Access Manager, Federation Manager, Role Manage

IBM – Tivoli DS, TIM, TAM, Tivoli Directory Integrator

RedHat – RedHat DS, Penrose, Velo



2 responses to “Throwing the red hat into the ring

  1. and Oracle’s suite of Identity & Access Management + GRC:

    * Oracle Access Manager
    * Oracle Adaptive Access Manager
    * Oracle Identity Manager
    * Oracle Role Manager
    * Oracle Identity Federation
    * Oracle Internet Directory
    * Oracle Virtual Directory
    * Oracle Web Services Manager
    * Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Suite
    * Oracle Management Pack for Identity Management
    * Oracle Identity & Access Management Suite
    * Oracle I&AM Suite for Mid-Sized Businesses
    * Oracle Authentication Services for Operating Systems

  2. and Novell:

    Novell Identity Manager
    Novell Access Manager

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