Inviting Disaster

The Queensland educational system is apparently bent on an ill conceived student database:

Students in Australia may soon be forced to have their photos, interests, and aspirations profiled in a massive database meant to help educators keep track of their progress. The database, called OneSchool, is being pushed rather aggressively by the education system in Queensland, which hopes to profile all 480,000 public school students through year 12 in the state. Parents, on the other hand, have expressed concerns over security and privacy, sparking a heated debate between them and Queensland’s Education Minister, Rod Welford.

This can go wrong so many ways it’s hard to know where to start. But top of the list has to be the¬†reasoning why this is perfectly safe for student’s privacy:

Unfortunately for parents, Welford is having none of it. He has stated that OneSchool’s rollout is “non-negotiable,” and that students could be denied access to their public education if they do not participate. Regarding the potential security breaches of OneSchool, Welford provided a very narrow counterpoint: Education Queensland’s other online databases had yet to be accessed by unauthorized parties.

He has just all but issued an invitation to be hacked. Unless his system is extraordinarily secure, he is about to get a very expensive education. A real “teachable moment”. One wonders if after the other database is penetrated worse than the offensive line of the Miami Dolphins he will reconsider and offer an opt-out option.

I often find it ironic who can be considered an “Educator”.


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