An Open Air Social Network

I have a confession. I don’t really do the social network thing. I use LinkedIn and I have a blog (obviously), but that’s about it.

But there is one social network I have become hooked on recently. And the neat thing is that to use it you have to get off the computer and get outside. Which of course is it’s attraction to me. The social network is, if you haven’t guessed yet, Geo-Caching.

Geo-caching is an activity where you look for a hidden container for which a description and GPS coordinates are published on a web site, such as Once you find the container you might log your visit or trade small items (depending on the type of cache). This is a really fun activity to do with your kids (I was introduced to this at one of my Son’s Cub Scout campouts).

In addition to the social networking aspects, has a really nice Google Maps application that shows the cache sites in an area you specify. For instance here is the geo-cache map for my neighborhood.

BTW, if you noticed I haven’t blogged for a while it’s because I just got back from spending a week in CA. We went there for my nephew’s graduation in Corning, CA and then we went up to spend the rest of the time in Lake Tahoe in a cabin (without internet). I loaded up my Garmin with the coordinates of several cache sites in the Lake Tahoe area before we went. Geo-caching in Lake Tahoe is a lot of fun.


One response to “An Open Air Social Network

  1. Oh, geocaching is a hoard of fun. I especially like mystery caches. Too bad I do not have time for that lately …

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