A compassion that knows no bounds

Apparently the Chinese government will allow the parents of children killed or disabled in the recent earthquake to replace them, free of charge. From the Fox News article:

Those families can obtain a certificate to have another child, the Chengdu Population and Family Planning Committee in the capital of hard-hit Sichuan province said.

Just when I was used to thinking of them as despotic tyrants, they go and show their tender side. Of course there are limits to their mercy:

Chinese couples who have more than one child are commonly punished by fines.

The announcement says that if a child born illegally was killed in the quake, the parents will no longer have to pay fines for that child – but the previously paid fines won’t be refunded.

If the couple’s legally born child is killed and the couple is left with an illegally born child under the age of 18, that child can be registered as the legal child – an important move that gives the child previously denied rights including free nine years of compulsory education.

But seriously. “Appalling” doesn’t even begin to describe this.


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