The new scarlet letter (it’s D now)

This has not gotten much attention, but apparently the nanny states of NYC and Vermont and requiring testing facilities to send them the results of all HbA1c tests performed, with the personal identification of the patients. These results are then compiled into a database and the patients are contacted by public health authorities (hat tip to JunkFood Science).

What terrible public scourge does this A1c test indicate? What disease could be such a threat to the public that a fully identified registry of the afflicted must be compiled?


That’s right diabetes. The A1c test measure the long term average blood sugar level of the patient.

For the first time a non-communicable disease is being treated the same way we have traditionally treated highly infectious diseases. Apparently these registries are only possible because of an exception in the HIPPA act that was originally intended to cover infectious diseases.

So if you live in NYC or Vermont and are diabetic, you can say goodbye to your privacy.


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