Phorm and SSL

Ben Laurie has been writing terrific posts on the Phorm/BT abomination. His latest, which you can read here, discusses the issue of how Phorm could, in theory, inspect the contents of HTTPS traffic.

That this is even a topic of discussion tells you how badly this is going to go for BT in the long run. It’s kind of like that old “would you sleep with someone for a million dollars joke”. The punch line is “we’ve already established you’re a whore, now we’re just negotiating a price”.

With Phorm, BT has established that they will compromise their customer’s privacy for money. Now we just get to speculate how far they will go to do it.

One response to “Phorm and SSL

  1. yeh well its not like senior BT execs havent been caught in the past geting friendly with ladies of the night.

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