Slightly misleading headline

Reading this headline:

India, BlackBerry to meet April 21 on security fears

One might reach the conclusion that the government of India felt that Blackberry communication was not secure enough, thereby putting their citizens privacy at risk. Sadly they appear to be concerned that it’s not insecure enough for their tastes:

The government has held a series of meetings with RIM and mobile operators after it emerged security officials were worried that emails sent through BlackBerry devices could not be traced or intercepted.

I find it hard to believe the emails can’t be intercepted, given that they have to route through a local GPRS carrier. And I’m not sure what “traced” even means for email. But clearly India wants RIM to set up in-country Blackberry servers so that they can easily monitor and possibly even control the traffic. I suspect there are some economic issues at play as well.

I can only imagine the outrage if the US took such a position. But many people who claim to care about privacy are strangely silent about violations that occur outside the US.


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