Or what?

Oddly enough this wasn’t an April Fool’s article. Apparently the IOC told China that it must open the Great Firewall of China during the Olympics:

The IOC “discussed and insisted” with the Chinese government again this morning that the Internet is required to be “open at all times during Games time,” IOC coordination commission vice chairman Kevan Gosper told Reuters. “There was some criticism that the Internet closed down during events relating to Tibet in previous weeks, but this is not Games time.”

Or what? Really, what can the IOC do about it if they don’t? The Olympics will happen regardless of what slivers of freedom the Chinese government will allow their people. The world governments will mostly shutup and go along because of China’s economic clout. The mainstream media will by and large stay quiet because they stand to gain financially by covering this travesty.

While I wish all the athletes well, I will be personally boycotting this Olympics and I hope you do too. And by boycotting I don’t just mean not watching it on TV. I will try to avoid visiting any site whose main business is covering it (such as Sports Illustrated and ESPN). I don’t expect my personal boycott to make any difference of course. But a principle is principle and I stand by my principles.

What continues to amaze me is how many people and organizations who claim to care about human rights give countries like China a pass. I won’t.


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