What’s in a name?

Ben Laurie has some interesting thoughts here on the debate around Phorm. Ben points out some incosistencies in the story that is being pushed by Phorm and BT:

They say this, but we have to take their word for it. Obviously the fact it sits inside BT’s network is no barrier to them connecting to it. Clearly they could just look at the traffic traversing the system and know exactly what cookie 1000062 is doing. And which IP address is doing it, which doesn’t tell you who is doing it, but certainly narrows it down. Analysis of the data will almost certainly allow identification of the individual concerned, of course.

Not, of course, that taking people’s word for their privacy practices is unacceptable – it is pretty much unavoidable. What I object to is Phorm’s attempts to convince us that it is impossible for them to misbehave. Of course, it is not.

It’s not that I’m not a trusting person… no, wait, that’s exactly it.

BTW, isn’t ironic how close Phorm is to Pharm? I don’t think I would have chosen that as the name for a company with such privacy issues.


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