Good old qhqRvjRmuMlsucQs02zzBg7BjqU…

If you use the Yahoo OpenID provider to sign into, you see something like:

Logged in as

Welcome, glad you could make it!

You are now logged into twitterfeed.comPlease take a note of your exact OpenID URL as shown above – you’ll need it if you want to come back later to add or remove twitter feeds

I assume that by “take a note of” they mean “cut and paste into a text file for later reference”.


3 responses to “Good old qhqRvjRmuMlsucQs02zzBg7BjqU…

  1. I cant believe they gave you a URL that I had reserved!

  2. You mean you can’t remember that? 😉
    I’d be tempted to hire an “infinite number of monkeys” to keep hitting the OpenID provider until it comes up with a meaningful URL.

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