An Optimal Solution for Virtual Directories

Today at DEC2008 Optimal IdM unveiled their new Virtual Directory product. The Virtual Identity Server (VIS) is unique in that it is a pure .NET virtual directory intended for use with AD in a heterogeneous environment.


I expect this product to do quite well because it hits a real sweet spot in the market. A simple to install Virtual Directory based on Microsoft technology for the AD centric enterprise. I know from experience that there are a lot of enterprise customers that just don’t want Java solutions for their Windows server. For these enterprises VIS should serve as a nice compliment to AD and ILM.


Also the founders of Optimal IdM came from OpenNetwork Technologies prior to it’s acquisition by BMC Software. These guys know IdM well and they know what customers are looking for.


If you are looking for a Virtual Directory solution for AD, I would give this product a try.


[Full Disclosure – I worked with the founders of Optimal IdM at OpenNetwork Technologies]


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