Read vs Write in the Enterprise

I blogged about User Centric Identity in the Enterprise domain here. Matt Flynn blogs about it here and makes a very good point that I overlooked. I noted that the aspect of User Centric Identity that enterprises are most interested in is user self-service of personal information and credentials.

Matt makes the point that while users may provide this information via Self-Service, the typically can’t control who gets access to it afterwards. Basically the employee has read/write access and an indeterminate number of people have read access. So really the whole thing boils down to a terminology debate. I loathe terminology debates.

Clearly enterprises are not going to let employees control the use of their identity and personal information in general. Just as clearly they want to the employee to be responsible for providing and maintaining that same data.

Call it what you will.

(Mirrored from TalkBMC)


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