Two important Passlogix announcements

Passlogix made two important announcements today.

[Full Disclosure: BMC is a Passlogix partner.]

First they are jumping into the privileged account management business, but with a huge advantage. Passlogix can leverage their ESSO technology to present shared credentials to applications without displaying them to the user. Or at least the user can’t easily see the passwords. The is a better approach than competing products which cough up the password in clear text that the end user would then copy down for use. 

Many IT departments view shared accounts as a necessary evil. No one likes it, but the alternatives are viewed as too painful. But with a product like this combined with a good password management product (like BMC Password Manager) to set passwords on non-AD systems, shared accounts can be managed in a more controlled fashion.

Second, Passlogix is easing the pain of needing desktop software for ESSO.

(Mirrored from TalkBMC)


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