Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Flop

My wife and Itook my three boys (10, 8 and 5) and a friend of my oldest to see Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium last nights. Big mistake. The result was six thumbs down, way down.

The previews make you think it’s going to be about the magical toy shop and all the wonderful things that happen there. And those parts are there and are wonderful. Unfortunately in between was a bunch of tedious and poorly written dialog that kids under 15 just aren’t going to be interested in.

Great beginning, OK ending, but boring and tedious for about an hour in the middle. If you have younger kids, wait for the DVD. That way they can get up and go do something else if they get bored.

And to top it off…

[Spoiler alert]

In the previews you learn that Mr. Magorium is planning to leave the store to his assistant and the store is very unhappy about. They don’t tell you he dies. It’s tastefully done (you don’t actually see him die), but my kids thought it was a real downer.

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