Begging the Question

Here is a headline that says a lot more about newspaper editors than it says about Califormians:

Californians better informed on global warming threat, poll finds

And how do we know they are better informed? Because a Field Poll found:

Californians are more likely than the rest of the nation to see global warming as a threat, but also are more optimistic that greenhouse gases can be cut while creating jobs and expanding the economy, according to a Field Poll released Friday.

State residents are more likely than other Americans to back efforts to address climate change, with large majorities favoring government regulations, tax incentives and other efforts by industry and individuals to curb their emissions, the poll showed.

Californians are more likely to share the same view of Global Warming as the San Francisco Chronicle, ergo they must be better informed.

Further proof Deductive Logic is not a required course in the J-School curriculum.

Of course the same poll found a good number of Californians are also somewhat naïve in how business works:

A similar majority supports government regulations requiring businesses to cut their emissions, although that support dropped from 81 percent to 61 percent if the new rules increased the cost of goods and services.

That means 20 percent of Californians believe that increasing the costs for a business won’t increase the costs to the end consumer. But hey, they are better informed so who am I to judge?

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