Information Card Miscellany

Bob Blakley summarizes the OSIS User Centric Interop demo at Burton Catalyst Europe. BMC didn’t participate in this one (we were there at the previous one in San Francisco). It sounded like it was a great success. Hopefully we see more events like this soon.

Mike Jones points to updated Information Card Icon usage guidelines from Microsoft.

Kim Cameron points to an interesting white paper on Information Card privacy issues in the EU.

There is an interesting discussion on Information Card usability issues between Paul Masden and Ashish Jain. You can pick up the discussion here.

There is also another discussion going on about Level of Assurance and a potpourri of other issues that you can pick up here.

There is this interesting article about Sharepoint moving towards a claims based model for AuthZ.

(Mirrored from TalkBMC)


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