I’m really skeptical about this use case

In the discussion around Identity Oracles, I am seeing a lot of references to the use case of asking about potential drug interactions. For instance Paul Madsen gives the example:

Can Kim take drug X without fear of drug interactions?

The person that most needs to be asking this question is the prescribing doctor, and he really needs to know the list of other medications and medical conditions involved. Meta-data won’t cut it in this example. For instance if the resulting drug interaction caused a loss of appetite that would be acceptable in many cases, but not for a chemotherapy patient. The fact there is or isn’t a drug interaction is simply too course-grained to be sufficient.

A common theme among the Identity Oracle examples I have seen so far.

My doctor needs to know everything about my medical condition. He needs data, not meta-data. My insurance company needs to know what prescriptions I am taking that they are paying for. No other parties need the data or the meta-data.

(Mirrored from TalkBMC)

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